The Master in International Screenwriting and Production (MISP) is a one-year Program for training screenwriters and producers. Starting in October 2016, held in Milan, it will be the International offspring of the Italian Master Program in Scrittura e produzione per la fiction e il cinema, that has been running at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore since 2000.

We believe that there isn’t greater gift than talent, but we also believe that no talent can flourish without a community of friends – colleagues, teachers, working professionals, instructors, tutors – willing to share their experience, their point of view, their tastes, both in class and outside.

We believe that in the show business (and in any other business) good ideas are key. But ideas are not enough. As Ed Catmull, the visionary head of Pixar Animation Studios says: people – if well trained and  able to think, evaluate, choose and  create –  are even more important for success.

We believe that we only learn the things that help us become who we want to be. We also think that enjoying is a fundamental part of learning what is needed to accomplish a career in the entertainment industry.

In the last 15 years, many alumni of the MISP have become successful screenwriters, producers, story editors and writers. After one year of hard training at our Master program, they have made their way in cinema, television, advertising, publishing, and contributed with their dreams to define our credo, helping us to become a better program. The new international edition of MISP owes them a lot.

If you are interested in what MISP can offer you and if you want more information, visit the MISP’s official website.

This is the MISP’s blog.

Here you will find film analyses, discussions, news, recommendations of sites and articles… Anything regarding screenwriting and the world of screenwriters.
If you write or just love the craft of writing for the screen, you’ll feel at home reading this blog.

So… Welcome!

We will try hard to live up to your passion for the craft of storytelling, and to make you say: “What a MISP!”

Armando Fumagalli
Director of MISP
October 2, 2015